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Perfect Blood Pressure
High Blood Pressure

Every year millions of people world-wide are told to lower their high blood pressure or risk the devastation of a stroke, or worse. Standard treatment is usually a prescription for the latest break-through drug and a caution about diet and exercise.

But is there another way?

In his new book Dr David Lovell-Smith FRNZCGP answers the questions we all have about blood pressure. What is normal blood pressure? How high is high? Can you have low blood pressure? What are the symptoms of high blood pressure (if any)? What is the cause? What are the different kinds of high blood pressure medication and how do these medicines work? What are the best treatments for lowering blood pressure?

Are there alternative ways to remedy high blood pressure? Dr Lovell-Smith argues that there are. It is not enough to artificially create normal blood pressure by chemical means. Perfect blood pressure involves the whole person.

This book is a whole lot more than a standard medical text. It will show you how to protect yourself by creating perfect blood pressure naturally. Using proven techniques to develop a settled mind, and to enjoy the diet and life-style suited to you as a unique and special person, your body becomes balanced and your blood pressure perfect.

Perfect Blood pressure flows from a happy, balanced life. This book shows you how. You can read Chapter One here in full.

David Lovell-Smith has a medical practice in Christchurch, New Zealand. He has successfully treated hundreds of people with hypertension.

Blood Pressure

“It gave me a great background into high blood pressure, but more importantly it gave me the inspiration to do something about it.... My blood pressure was 166/104.  Now it is 130/76!  Genevieve H.


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"The author perceptively identifies many of the less palatable facts about the reality of management of hypertension in the doctor's surgery".


-New Zealand Medical  Journal.


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Blood Pressure